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Frequently Asked Questions

Why focus only on women?

Nationally, women are two times more likely to have anxiety or depression than men. Women are typically the family member tasked with caregiving duties in addition to working outside of their home. Research continues to demonstrate that women are at higher risk for developing mental illness as well as chronic medical conditions and are less likely to make time for the self-care practices needed to manage their overall health.

Are these services covered by my insurance?

We do accept most insurances. It is your responsibility to ensure your insurance company will cover the services and how much they will cover. We are not able to give you an estimate regarding insurance coverage. There will be programming offered that will not be covered by insurance (e.g., some group classes, non-psychotherapy related classes) and will require personal payment at time of service to participate.

Do I get a choice of who I see?

Absolutely! However, some of our clinicians are not taking new clients currently and/or have a wait list so we may encourage you to consider one of our other clinicians. Make sure you look at the Who We Are page to see which clinicians may fit best with you.

What can I expect for my first appointment?

You will check in at the desk when you enter the office and have paperwork to complete if you didn’t receive it ahead of time via e-mail. The first appointment tends to be a longer appointment (around 60 minutes) as the goal is to get to know you and obtain information regarding the issues and concerns which bring you into the office. Our goal is to have you leave your first visit with a treatment plan which best fits your needs.

What do I need to do for my first appointment?

Please bring your insurance card and payment for co-payments as we will collect that before your appointment. Try to arrive 10 minutes early. You may be emailed paperwork ahead of the appointment so please complete this information and submit it. If you do not receive paperwork ahead of time, please come 15 minutes early to complete it in the office.

When will you have more health and wellness services available?

We have already started to increase our offerings!! We currently offer Reiki and group therapy sessions. We hope to continue to add additional services including yoga. Our goal is to add services which our clients find most beneficial so we would love to hear your feedback on services you would like us to add!

How do I find out about events happening in the office?

Please like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram! We will have all scheduled events posted on social media as well as any updates regarding new services in the office.

Are there really dogs in the clinic?

Yes! All our clinicians are animal lovers and believe the presence of canine companions can be beneficial at certain times. Dr. Zielke and Rachel usually have at least one dog with them. Our ultimate goal is to be respectful of each person who enters the office as we want it to be welcoming for all. Please let Debra know when you are scheduling your appointment if you prefer not to have dogs present.