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K9 Companions

Dr. Zielke’s Pack

Princess Grace is a Golden Retriever who loves pets and showing off her toys. She tends to steal the show and wants to make friends with everyone. Ruby Sue is a Golden Retriever who was born in September 2022. She has been learning the ropes of being in the office and loves belly rubs. If you are allergic to dogs, scared of dogs, or aren’t interested in meeting the dogs please let Debra know!


I am Rachel’s dog and have lived in the Blumhardt household since I was four and adopted into my forever home. I love cuddles and welcoming you at the Becoming Balanced lobby and leading you back to Rachel’s office. I am a pint-sized ball of sweetness and offer warmth and unconditional love. I am a Toy Schnauzer and hypoallergenic which means I am low dander, low shedding, and a safe companion for those with allergies. I have a gentle temperament, affectionate personality, and I am an all-around loyal co-therapist to Rachel in her clinical work. I love people and would enjoy joining you in your therapy session. If you would prefer to not have me be part of your visit please let Rachel, or Debra at the front desk know, and I will curl up in my crate and quietly wait till I can hang out with Rachel after your session. I will likely be in office most days; however, some days may stay home.