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Helpful Resources

Desiree Zielke, PhD, LP

Helpful Resources

We wanted to provide people with helpful resources to make social distancing a little easier.  We have received a lot of great feedback from people about what you are doing to manage COVID-19 which we wanted to share.  Please leave additional helpful resources and suggestions in the comments!


  • “I participated in a wonderful yoga nidra practice last night through zoom! It was with Hopeful Heart Project but I’ve noticed a few local places offering similar. I also usually love a lot of what I find on the Insight app for meditations.”
  • “The kids and I are going to make jello today. ? And a friend gave me the idea of painters tape onto the floor for them to line up a toy parade.”
  • “I love listening to podcasts! My top picks are Happier with Gretchen Rubin, 10% Happier, The Hilarious World of Depression, and TED Radio Hour. My partner and I have also been playing the collaborative game Legendary (Marvel Universe).”
  • “Redecorating my room, cleaning and organizing because mess=anxiety in my world, crafts with the kids, reading and my favorite which I have yet to do but will make happen…NAPPING!”
  • “Les Mills online has free exercises, I’ll find it. There is apparently a good one to do with kids but also is good for adults. So choose your skill level. Additionally, if you are a YMCA member check your email for a link and you have line the entire Les Mills on demand library to choose from!”
  • “Where’s my mom’s, and Your mom’s House, and Joe Rogan Experience-podcasts”
  • This website has links to a variety of activities and websites: https://fargo.momcollective.com/ultimate-resource-guide-to-covid-19/?fbclid=IwAR1Rv6vjXnobx1nxSoj2lUg4FTmdV0DLAu0R_uJYQv9VD_dMBh1McA8E7jc


Links for accurate information and overall coping:

Therapy tools:


Free exercise options:

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