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Staying connected

Desiree Zielke, PhD, LP

Staying Connected

Staying connected to others is so important for our overall health and well-being.  Social distancing during COVID-19 has made staying connected challenging, especially for those who live alone.  A few weeks ago, we asked our social media followers to help generate ideas of how to stay connected during the upcoming months and here are some ideas:
  • Sending mail back and forth to people–cards, letters, little gifts
  • Dropping off little gifts or treats on doorsteps of neighbors, friends, and/or family
  • Facebook Messenger video events
  • Zoom meetings–meet with friends for coffee or DIY projects
  • Discord (similar to Zoom)–play games with friends or family
  • Send photo postcards
  • Virtual monthly book club
  • Use Facetime (or other video chat system) to do crossword puzzles with a loved one
  • FaceTime walks
  • Telephone calls to loved ones
  • Using social media to your advantage! Take time to leave comments or words of encouragement on people’s social media pages.
  • Play games on Houseparty app.
Video calling options (most are free!):
  • Google Duo
  • FaceTime (for Apple users)
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Zoom
  • Discord
We are always looking for more ideas, so please leave us a comment if you have anything to add to our list!

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