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Desiree Zielke, PhD, LP

Group opportunities!

Did you know we offer group psychotherapy?

We plan to offer 3 different group therapy options in early 2023.

Rachel Blumhardt, MEd, LPCC, LPC, NCC leads a Cognitive Processing Therapy group for women with a history of trauma. This is a 12-week group which provides skills to cope with trauma and reduce feelings of anxiety, anger, guilt and shame. Specific details of each person’s trauma are not discussed in group.

Andi Wheeler, MS, LPCC leads a Mindfulness group for women struggling depression, anxiety, and/or stress management. This group is an opportunity to develop a foundational understanding of mindfulness and the mind-body connection, practice breathwork and meditation, use mindfulness for managing thoughts and emotions, and deepen your practice of radical acceptance and self-compassion.

Jessica Jones, PhD, LP plans to begin a stress management group using Mind-Body skills. Stay tuned for more information about this offering!

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